Price per month: 35e+ VAT

Price per days: 1-7 days:  40e + VAT
                            7-30 days: 50e + VAT

Portable toilets are the ideal solution for all working or recreation situations where permanent facilities cannot be used, for short or long periods of time.

We provide quality, safe and environmentally friendly compliant bio-toilets, offering a full range of services including advice, delivery, placement, recurrent maintenance and assembly.

The chemical toilets are made from environmentally friendly material in accordance with product standards and are available in a variety of versions and sizes, with a sink and internal lighting.

Cleaning and disinfection are carried out directly by our operators using anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents approved by the Ministry of Health. They include sewage extraction, subsequent disposal in authorised cleaners, sterilisation, interior and exterior cleaning, and the replenishment of consumables.

Our objective is to offer innovative solutions according to our clients’ requirements, to improve their quality of life by providing access to hygiene products in all areas where other solutions are not possible, to protect people’s health and to respect the environment.

The service is intended for all those sectors that are not equipped with fixed toilets, where portable solutions are required to enable people to carry out their work or activities in complete hygiene and safety: construction and infrastructure, industry, agriculture, public or private events.

In the area of construction and large-scale work, specific legal obligations with regard to safety must be respected. In particular, legislation requires employers to provide a sufficient number of clean sanitation facilities and portable toilets in proportion to the number of workers.

Thanks to a constant focus on quality service, continuous and professional assistance and the use of innovative products, we can guarantee very high standards and different solutions to meet the diverse needs of construction sites in different circumstances: construction sites, roads and highways, the navy, aviation, factory machinery.

Portable toilets are also a necessity in industry facilities such as steel, textile, food processing, mechanical, chemical and petrochemical plants. Choosing the most suitable portable toilet for your company’s needs and the site of its installation is a matter of principle and can be assessed together with our specialists.

In the agricultural sector, large crops and vast agricultural areas may require the placement of mobile toilets for workers engaged in cultivating the land. These needs also include farmland, greenhouses, stables, woodlands, livestock farms, rural infrastructure, nurseries, farms and harvesting areas.

Portable toilets are a practical solution for places where there are no sanitation facilities or where the facilities are not large enough to accommodate large numbers of people: sports events, concerts, street festivals, festivals, fairs, markets, weddings, etc.

A well-organised event, whether it is a small village party or a large-scale event with a large number of people, requires comprehensive planning and excellent organisational skills to prepare all the necessary arrangements and equipment, including attention to the number and type of portable toilets, the choice between standard toilets and disabled toilets.

We can offer portable toilets wherever they are in demand: in parks, gardens, beaches, squares, markets, railway stations, cycle paths, car parks and all places with large numbers of visitors, whether they are rented for a few days or for many years.

The advantage of chemical toilets is that they are environmentally friendly as they have no liquid dispersions, and they are easy to place, both because they are lightweight and because they do not require connection to a water supply or sewage system. All this makes them very economical.

However, chemical toilets are often unsuitable, especially for events that require a certain level of elegance and service.

Thanks to our wide range of products, we provide a customised portable toilet hire service that can solve any problem and above all satisfy the client’s budget, depending on the quality required.

What do you need to know before renting a toilet for an event or construction site?

Our experts are ready to advise you on the type of toilet and the number of toilets required for the event you are organising or the type of construction site it will serve.

Please contact us before deciding what to order; you can get advice on how to solve location problems, sewer connection etc.

Thanks to our specialists, we can review with the customer how to place the toilets in the event area. Careful planning can mean a more accurate cost analysis and, above all, the prevention of unpredictable circumstances during the work process. Also, a good overview of how the portable toilets will be positioned at the event area minimises errors.

Chemical toilets in campers, caravans and boats use portable toilets, which may be equipped with a recirculation system. Many chemical toilets used in rentals are equipped with a coloured liquid, which makes it impossible to see the contents in the tank.

There are several things to consider when renting chemical toilets for parties. The location of the toilets is crucial, as they must be checked and emptied regularly to avoid overfilling. They should therefore be located in a separate area from where people are, so that pumping and cleaning can also be done efficiently and discreetly.

The surface on which the units are placed must be level to prevent them from toppling over: the toilets we rent out are made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic and all surfaces are completely smooth, ensuring excellent aesthetics and at the same time correct and fast hygiene and optimum operation.

Our chemical rolling toilets operate autonomously and do not need to be connected to a water supply. The equipment uses vacuum pumps, water jets for suctioning excrement and waste water.

Chemical toilets hire includes both their installation by us at the locations specified by you and maintenance of chemical toilets and rectification of any faults. The maintenance of chemical toilets involves periodic flushing of the interior and exterior with a disinfection system, repairing and replacing parts in all cases of malfunction.

Maintenance strictly adheres to health and safety protection regulations, and we pay particular attention to safety with regard to environmental and health risks.

If you are looking for a chemical toilet hire that is well suited to different situations and locations, you can feel free to choose our company that specialises in this field.

Renting chemical toilets is an extremely convenient solution as it allows you to have a toilet anywhere without the need for piping and installation, which are costly and cumbersome.

If you need to organise an event and require the installation of a large number of chemical toilets, you can count on our professionalism, assistance and organisational skills. The same applies if you only need to hire one chemical toilet.

Our company offers a diligent service and special attention to each and every need of its customers, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of the products.

To find out the price of chemical toilets, simply send us an online enquiry and wait for an estimate by email. Contact us and ask for any further clarification, we look forward to working with you.


Mobile toilet rent and delivery is possible throughout Latvia. Delivery costs depend on where they are to be delivered. The total delivery costs are the distance from Dzilnuciems to the place of delivery of the equipment. However, for mobile fences, the customer can also pick them up at the company’s warehouse, so there is no need to pay for delivery.