We provide rental services for monoblocks, containers, services, and prefabricated structures for: rescue and emergency situations, work camps, construction sites, etc.

We have an impressive fleet of insulated monoblocks in numerous configurations; at the same time, we specialize in long-term rentals of prefabricated structures for a wide variety of projects.

When it comes to the need for temporary premises, we are the right choice. Our prefabricated modules can be rented individually or as a complete system, for a short or extended period of time. Whatever your needs, we have the right module solution for you. We cooperate with authorised dealers, which means that our rented prefabricated modules can be quickly installed according to your specific requirements.

Whether you are looking for a modular prefab structure for rental, it has a multitude of applications.

More than just a container, we offer you a broad range of different modules and prefabricated structures. Here you will find a list of available types, from modular office prefabs to many other container types. Whether you are not sure which one to choose to meet your requirements or if you have any special considerations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By providing containers for rent, we always have a suitable solution for mobile premises. Modular prefabricated structures for hire are available in the following range…

All our rentable modular prefabs can be ordered as single units or as a system consisting of several modular prefabs, depending on your wishes. This enables you to easily combine modular prefabs with storage containers and organise the space as you wish to fulfil your requirements and ideas.

We make it simple for you to select the right prefab to match your specific needs, and you can also rent furniture and additional equipment.

  • Various types of windows
  • Furniture for hire, e.g. tables, cupboards and other ancillary rental items.
  • Prefabricated boxes and containers made of galvanised sheet metal for material storage
  • Insulated monoblocks for providing comfort and accommodation
  • Modified containers for particular purposes in the construction industry, e.g. increased anti-theft protection

We can provide you with all the solutions you need to make the building site simple and functional and enable you to undertake related activities.

There are two possible realisations with regard to prefabricated office structures. On the one hand, we find those that are sold and become the customer’s permanent property.

On the other hand, you can also rent these prefabricated structures on a short or long-term basis. These types of buildings are very often used where another permanent building is under construction or construction work is in progress and there is a need for additional space during that particular period of time.

Modular construction has many advantages over traditional construction.

  • Reduced implementation time, not to be compared to traditional solutions
  • Possibility to move the construction or repeatedly reuse it. These structures enable not only to move the building but also to change its purpose
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Ability to customize modules, both outside (facade or roof) and inside (partitions, floors, ceilings) to give the modular structure the requested appearance

Nowadays, these prefabricated constructions are a rapid and effective response to the space expansion needs of many companies, transforming them into comfortable and unreplaceable spaces. There are many factors that have led to the success of modular construction in diverse branches, and they coincide with their main characteristic: speed of installation.

In the current time, when the economic factor is overwhelming, it is not easy to find a building type that focuses not only on the economic but also on the aesthetic factor. Precisely for this reason prefabricated construction is the best option.

It is a market that easily conforms to user needs and market demands. Modular construction has grown considerably, not only because of its high intensity of use, but also because of the strong acceptance in terms of construction that it has had and is currently holding in other sectors such as, education, healthcare, public administration or social welfare.

By means of modular construction it is possible to offer buildings of a higher quality than those produced by traditional construction methods. This is mainly due to the manufacturing process by which the structures are produced, with numerous safety and quality controls. Quality and safety are essential during the construction of prefabricated modular workspaces.

Whether you decide to rent a prefabricated module, used or new, you can be confident that you will get the best possible advice with us. Our experienced staff will support you in all stages of implementation, from initial enquiry through to final handover.

Renting a module saves costs, because the structure is only used for the time you need it. In addition, prefabricated modules are designed in such a way that they can be easily dismantled, transported and reassembled as required. Delivery times are reduced, which is advantageous in situations such as the ongoing one, where time for construction work is limited.

A construction site has a number of versatile requirements. With prefabricated modules and containers for the construction industry, many solutions can be implemented to suit all needs to make construction site work both functional and legally relevant.

Ranging from management offices to accommodation for building managers, site managers and supervisory staff. However, prefabricated modules for dressing rooms with benches and lockers, canteens, construction site sheds, utility areas and flush toilets connected to the sewage system or chemical toilets are also available.

Can be customised to the customer’s requirements and equipped with heating and air-conditioning systems.

A construction site module is a room that can be built using prefabricated structures where work-related documents can be stored. Moreover, it can be used as an office for the site management, an office for the technical site manager and assistant, a guardroom, and a place to house electrical panels, if necessary.

  1. Your request goes directly to the responsible employee
  2. This person contacts you by phone or email
  3. All the details are considered
  4. On request you can make an appointment for a consultation
  5. Further we suggest the best option for you
  6. You can accept the offer if you are completely satisfied with it
  7. At this point you proceed to order the container and you are given a delivery date

Prefabricated constructions are the most practice-oriented, fastest and most straightforward to install to meet your needs.

Thanks to their modularity, versatility and customisation options, prefabricated constructions fulfil a wide range of requirements. Furthermore, technology and design come together to meet any dimensional, functional, technical and aesthetic requirements.