Price per month: 90 cents per running meter + VAT (0.9e/1m + VAT)
Length: 3.5m
Height: 2m

It is not always possible to buy and build a fence in an optimally short time, as well as it is not necessary in all situations, therefore one of the possible options is to rent a mobile or portable fence. If a mobile fence is needed for a short time, then the option of renting a fence is the best option, because after using a mobile fence, you do not have to think about where to place or store it. It ceases to function, is dismantled and removed without taking up space in your private or public area.

The use of a mobile fence is very versatile, it is a good temporary solution to restrict a specific area. It can be used for fencing and isolating construction sites, public events such as concerts, sports events, festivals, various protected areas from the environment. In public events, a mobile fence can also be used to organize the flow of people so that the event runs safely and successfully. A mobile fence will also be useful to separate different areas in a public event, such as a dining area, a lounge area, a concert area, and so on. In large concerts, it is especially important to separate visitors from artists, thus also taking care of people’s safety and well-being. Mobile fence rental is not only intended for organizers of public events, if a large-scale private event is organized, then it is also possible to rent a mobile fence to keep the visitors of the event safe.

Often, the installation of a mobile fence is necessary quickly, which is also possible because the mobile fence can be both installed and removed in a short period of time, and it is easy to transport.

The mobile fence is durable because it is made of quality material (galvanized metal), it will be a safe and stable guard for the specific area. The mobile fence is intended for outdoor use and is not affected by changing weather conditions. They have been treated with anti-rust agents to make them last longer and safer. It could be said that a mobile fence is a stable and proven value that can be installed all year round.

The mobile fence is installed on concrete or plastic feet so that it cannot be moved and moved freely, and it is connected with clamps so that it cannot be easily opened. Each customer can choose to install a mobile fence on concrete or plastic feet. From experience, we can say that the customer evaluates the situation, place, event, why the mobile fence will be used, and then also realizes which of the feet would be the most effective. If it is planned that the mobile fence will be placed in a mass event to control the flow of people, to separate different areas, then the recommended choice is concrete feet, especially if the event takes place during the dark hours of the day. If the event or place to be fenced is for a shorter period of time and during daylight hours, then plastic feet will be more suitable. Plastic feet are easier to transport than concrete feet because they are much lighter. If the client cannot decide to rent one or the other foot, then based on our experience, we can help you make a choice.

Mobile fence can be installed on the perimeter of any area, because each section of the fence is like one block. Such blocks can be placed as much as necessary to delimit the selected area.

Despite the fact that the mobile fence is a temporary system, it is constructed qualitatively, using a thick mesh so that it cannot be opened. Accordingly, taking into account the wishes of the client, a temporary key is placed in one of the sections of the gate so that the persons belonging to it can move freely, such an option is most often chosen on construction sites rather than at public events. In public events, if it is not necessary to lock the mobile fence, then the location of the fence (open / closed) can be regulated by the security persons responsible for the event.

The mobile fence is durable, despite the fact that it is often transported and re-installed. The design and construction of the mobile fence is designed so that it is designed for both multiple installation, dismantling and transportation. It is important that a metal fence, compared to plastic fences, can be used almost forever.

You do not have to worry that the rented mobile fence may be of low quality or damaged, because after each dismantling and transportation of the mobile fence, the fence blocks and feet are inspected so that the next customer receives only the best, safest and highest quality product for rent.

It is neither practical nor economically advantageous to build a fence on a construction site or in a public event, because here the fence has only a temporary function. We recommend that you immediately consider installing a mobile fence at the beginning of the construction work, so that unauthorized persons do not come to the construction site. So that the people who work there on a daily basis and the tools at work there are safe. When installing a mobile fence on a construction site, a signal is already given that only owned persons or persons with a permit may stay in this area. By installing a rental mobile fence, you can protect your property and save resources that would be diverted to fence construction. We recommend that you remember that it is not enough to install a video camera or security system on construction sites, because the first step that will deter someone who does not want to enter your area will be a mobile fence.

Nowadays, the possibilities of renting various goods are very wide and people are using it more and more to make their daily life easier. Before buying various goods, it is worth considering renting it. Understand how long the selected product will be needed, if in the short term, then a rental option is the best option.


Mobile fencing rental and delivery is possible throughout Latvia. Delivery costs depend on where they are to be delivered. The total delivery costs are the distance from Dzilnuciems to the place of delivery of the equipment. However, for mobile fences, the customer can also pick them up at the company’s warehouse, so there is no need to pay for delivery.